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123 HP Printer Setup & Troubleshooting

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HP Envy 5540 Ink Cartridges

HP Envy 5540 requires a set of HP Tri-Color and HP Black Ink Cartridge for Printing Documents, Photos and Envelopes. All HP Envy 5540 Ink Cartridges are of long lasting and cost efficient. Avoid the drop and jarring Cartridges from Installation. Remember to switch off the printer power when not in use, and due course you can reduce the Ink wastage and Ink coagulation. Always store your HP Ink Cartridges that comes with the original sealed envelope.

Single Cartridge Mode operation:

HP Envy 5540 is designed to work with a single Ink Cartridge for the user’s convenience. You can manage the print operations absolutely well through the Envy 5540 series software. Your printer automatically gets onto single cartridge mode whenever an ink cartridge is found missing or depleted. Just install all Ink Cartridges to get away from the Single Cartridge Mode.

Ink Cartridges Installation

HP Envy 5540 Ink cartridges replace

Reinstall Envy Envy 5540 Ink Cartridges:Power off your Envy 5540 and wait until Print carriage stops idle. Draw the Cartridge path door upward to open it. Locate the Cartridge tab to unlatch it. Press down to detach the Ink Cartridge. Remove all Plastic flaps and wrapped packing’s from HP Ink Cartridges. Place the New Ink Cartridges inside the cartridge tab to latch it. Remember to install each of the Ink Cartridges according to its color coded letters and so to complete the installation. Shove the Cartridge Access door downward to close it. Switch ON the Envy Printer power.

HP Envy 5540 Setup
HP Envy 5540 Driver
HP Printer Troubleshooting


  1. Slide your fingers across the Hp printer display screen and then select Setup
  2. From the options available, choose Network Setup.
  3. Tap on Ethernet Settings or Wireless Settings.
  4. Click on Advanced Setup.
  5. Now, choose IP Settings.
  6. A message box appears issuing you a warning that the change in IP address may remove your printer from the network. Click OK.
  7. Automatic is the option that is set by default. If you want to change the settings, choose any ne of the below mentioned settings.
    1. IP
    2. Subnet Mask
    3. Default Gateway
    4. DNS Address
  8. Now, mention the changes you want to make and then click Done.
  9. Tap on OK.


How to switch on HP wireless direct?

  1. Tap on Wireless Direct option from the printer’s control panel.
  2. To switch on/off the wireless direct, use the slider next to HP Wireless Direct.
  3. Select Wireless Direct Name to display the wireless connection’s name.
  4. In case you have enabled security, select Security passcode to display the passcode.

How to print from a wireless-capable mobile device?

  1. Ensure that you have switched on HP wireless direct on your HP printer.
  2. Tap on the Wireless button on your smartphone.
  3. From your mobile device, connect to an available network . When asked for a password, enter the password.
  4. Now, print your document.