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123 HP Printer Setup & Troubleshooting

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Wireless Setup & Troubleshooting

HP Envy 5540 Driver Download

HP Envy 5540 offers modern, web-enabled print solutions which can be swiftly setup from your Control panel itself. Once the Driver setup is done then make sure you always enable the connection between printer and network. ePrint and AirPrint services can be used on a Wi-Fi Direct Access. Wireless access can be enabled by just a press of a button over the control panel. HP Quick Forms is easily setup from the control panel to instantly print and scan using the pre-formatted web content.

Install the Web Services from Envy Control Panel:

Press Home button present on your control panel to open Envy Dashboard. Press the Down button to choose ePrint Service and Press OK tab to confirm selection. Again Press the down key to Accept Terms of Use. Now follow with the onscreen instructions set to install the Web Services easily. Press OK tab to print the info page that is detailed with Printer Email Id, ePrint status and the Printer Network.

Update the Web Services from Envy EWS:

Use the default Web browser to open Envy 5540 EWS homepage. Click Web Services label and then locate Web services settings. Next click the ePrint setup and then follow up with on screen instruction. Click Yes button for accepting the terms of usage. If automatic software update option appear on screen then Click the Yes button. Now reboot your Envy 5540 and then press ePrint button to enable it.

HP Envy 5540 Driver

HP Envy 5540 Driver Install on Windows:

Access the Start Menu and open Envy 5540 software. Click the Print & Scan list box and then double click to select Connect new printer to Wireless Network. Follow the onscreen instruction and then select Wireless from the program prompter. Click Next and proceed with the instruction set to finish the Printer Network connection. Once the Driver setup is done then go ahead and Print the local wireless Information Page.

HP Envy 5540 Driver Install on Macintosh:

Place HP Utility disk onto the CD drive and then open HP Easy Start Auto Setup file. Follow up with on screen instructions set and select between USB cable and Wireless Network connection. Click Next and proceed to end the Printer Setup. Now you can try to Print the Information Page

In replacement, Open Macintosh Utility folder and then double click Printer & Devices folder. Under print section click Add Printer button to list it in the print queue. Click Print Using or Use option and then choose HP Envy 5540 plus your print settings to finish the Driver Installation.

HP Envy 5540 Setup
HP Envy 5540 Ink
HP Printer Troubleshooting


  1. Slide your fingers across the Hp printer display screen and then select Setup
  2. From the options available, choose Network Setup.
  3. Tap on Ethernet Settings or Wireless Settings.
  4. Click on Advanced Setup.
  5. Now, choose IP Settings.
  6. A message box appears issuing you a warning that the change in IP address may remove your printer from the network. Click OK.
  7. Automatic is the option that is set by default. If you want to change the settings, choose any ne of the below mentioned settings.
    1. IP
    2. Subnet Mask
    3. Default Gateway
    4. DNS Address
  8. Now, mention the changes you want to make and then click Done.
  9. Tap on OK.


How to switch on HP wireless direct?

  1. Tap on Wireless Direct option from the printer’s control panel.
  2. To switch on/off the wireless direct, use the slider next to HP Wireless Direct.
  3. Select Wireless Direct Name to display the wireless connection’s name.
  4. In case you have enabled security, select Security passcode to display the passcode.

How to print from a wireless-capable mobile device?

  1. Ensure that you have switched on HP wireless direct on your HP printer.
  2. Tap on the Wireless button on your smartphone.
  3. From your mobile device, connect to an available network . When asked for a password, enter the password.
  4. Now, print your document.